We provide a plethora of solutions and apps to a variety of organizations, having kept in mind the needs of today’s rapidly advancing world. Crends aims to solve all the problems in the areas of training, learning, collaboration, communication and marketing.
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This is an online learning platform through which you can access testing solutions, scores & analytics, ranks, time & content management and a lot more.
For the easiest management of any organization; be it administrative, attendance, accounting or others. Systemize everything onto one platform and save time, money & more!
Teach or learn any language or even music from whichever device you prefer. With comprehension and many more formats, the whole world is now in your palm!
Find the right people for the job from thousands of applicants. With screening solutions and performance tracking analytics, recruitment becomes largely efficient!
Streamline your organization with our solutions for branches/franchises, leads, inventory and more.
With screens getting smaller & thinner, we focus largely on mobility. Comprehension, Edu-tainment, management... do it all with a swipe!
Here at Crends, we are open to having as many partners as we can to enhance our clients’ experiences and provide the best results.
In such a cut-throat environment, your organization deserves the best. We give you all the tools you need to train your army!
Life is so much more fun when you make a game out of everything. Engage your users through appealing visualization!
We are open to and we love creating new solutions for our clients! We address all the problem areas one faces and develop features that would solve them seamlessly.